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Meetings of the Tarheel Depression Glass Club

Meetings of the Tarheel Depression Glass Clubs usually take place the first Monday of each month in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Write for detailed directions and to confirm meeting date and location.

The meetings are informal. They begin with a reading of the minutes from the previous month and a treasurer's report. The president then leads discussion of any old business and asks if there is any new business. This business portion of the meeting is usually fairly short. Afterwards, a member will present a program. Much of the time, the program will feature a particular pattern of depression glass or a manufacturer. Past programs have included talks on Heisey, Fostoria, and Cambridge; Jewel Tea, Mayfair, Fiesta, Hall teapots, Cloverleaf, and Fire-King jade-ite. Other times, however, the program will be about something related to the interest of a club member that is not specifically related to collectible glass or dinnerware. Some examples of these programs have been talks on cast iron, children's toys from the 1940s and 1950s, glass paperweights, Guardian cookware, and antique purses.

After the program, members enjoy refreshments and talking with fellow club members.

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Last modified June 26, 2002