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Tarheel Depression Glass Club



Article I

Section I.          The club shall be known as: Tarheel Depression Glass Club.


Article II

Section I.          The purpose...

To promote, carry on, and aid in every possible way the preservation, improvement of knowledge, and information of depression era glassware and pottery. To disseminate information of depression era glassware and pottery by exhibition, lectures, publications, or otherwise.


Article III

Section I.          The Club shall be a not-for-profit organization.


Article IV

Section I.          Membership in the Club shall be open to any collector or dealer of depression era glassware or pottery.


Section II.        Annual dues shall be due the first day of Anniversary month of said membership.

All members not meeting financial obligations by November 1st will be dropped from membership.


Section III.       Annual dues shall be in the amount of $6.00 for a single membership and $10.00 for a family membership (husband, wife, and dependent children under 18 years of age.)


Section IV.       Recommended changes in the amount of annual dues may be proposed and voted on by general membership.


Section V.        Nonparticipating members are to be considered inactive and therefore on our inactive list with no voting privileges.


Article V

Section I.          The Officers of the Club shall consist of: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary.


Section II.        The President shall preside at all meetings; officiate at all official activities of the Club; insure that the other Officers perform their duties in an accurate and timely manner. He shall convene special meetings when necessary. He shall appoint special committees as required.


Section III.       The Vice President shall plan and present or designate someone to present programs for all Club meetings and act in the absence of the President.


Section IV.       The Treasurer shall receive and collect all monies of the Club; establish and maintain necessary bank accounts; maintain financial records and present a financial report at each meeting. The Treasurer shall sign all checks and will insure that they are countersigned by another officer. Any expenditure or check in the amount of $50.00 or over must be approved by the membership. The Treasurer shall further insure that all financial records are available for audit.


Section V.        The Recording Secretary shall take minutes of all regular meetings of the membership and present those minutes at the next regular meeting; will keep accurate records of all regular meetings and board meetings.


Section VI.       The Corresponding Secretary shall handle all correspondence on behalf of the Club.


Section VII.      All elected officers shall be members of the Executive Board. Standing Chairman of each committee shall be appointed by the President.


Section VIII.    The duties of the Executive Board will be to meet and discuss financial and policy matters. Minutes of meeting to be read to membership at regular club meetings.


Article VI

Section I.          Officers of the Club shall be nominated in April. Election shall be in May. New Officers to take seat in June.


Section IA.       All Officers may serve indefinitely.


Section II.        A committee of three shall be elected by membership; one from the Executive Board and two from the general membership in March; said committee to meet and bring before general membership in April the proposed slate of officers to be voted on in May. Slate of officers to be contacted and agree to serve.


Section III.       Members must be in good standing to hold office and/or vote and unless he/she does not attend 50% of the meetings will be put on non-active list, which will be reviewed every six months.


Article VII


Section I.          Meetings of the Club shall normally be held on the first Monday of each month.


Section II.        A quorum of one-third of the membership must be present to constitute a meeting to transact business.


Article VIII

Section I.          A yearly audit of Club funds will be conducted by the Executive Board.


Article IX

Amendments and By Laws

Section I.          A copy of the Constitution and By Laws will be provided to each member.


Section II.        Articles and Sections of this Constitution and its By Laws will be amended when approved by a majority of the membership voting; provided that the amendments are submitted in writing and published in the newsletter prior to the meeting.


By Laws


Article I

Section I.          The Show and Sale Committee shall present plans and suggestions to the Club membership for an annual Show and Sale of Depression Era Glass and additional shows if desired by membership.


Section II.        The Show and Sale Committee shall keep the Club advised at monthly meetings as to the status of future Shows.


Section III.       President to make two recommendations for Show Chairman(s) in addition to nominations from the floor. Show Chairman(s) will then be elected by membership.


Section IV.       Show Chairman(s) to make arrangements for rental of a location and any necessary equipment for the presentation of such Shows. To establish a bank account (known as show account) if necessary or desirable. To arrange for press released and all other news media. Chairman(s) to appoint a working committee(s).


Section V.        President to appoint an auditing committee to audit Show Account within 30 days after a show. Show Chairman(s) to be given a deposit of money to open said Show Account.


Article II

Section I.          Standing Committee Chairman: Appointed by the President to do the job of said Chairmanship, i.e., Membership, Newsletter, Refreshments, and Ways and Means.